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Meet Your Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland & Macomb Counties Staff

Kayla Addison
Kayla AddisonDirector of Academic Success & Career Development

Email: roedprogram@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-544-4166
Fax: 248-545-7688

Gary Andrus
Gary AndrusDirector of Community Service

Email: gary.andrus@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-544-4166 ext. 125
Fax: 248-545-7688

Stan Babinski
Stan BabinskiStanley Ian Babinski Unit Director

Email: stanley.babinski@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 586-277-1208
Fax: 248-545-7688

Melissa Bihl
Melissa BihlDigital Media Strategist (V)

Email: melissa.bihl@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-544-4166
Fax: 248-545-7688

Rachel Frank
Rachel FrankJack & Annette Aronson Unit Director

Email: rachel.frank@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-990-3978
Fax: 248-545-7688

Andrew Glenn
Andrew GlennDevelopment Assistant

Email: andrew.glenn@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-544-4166
Fax: 248-545-7688

Shannon Jovic
Shannon JovicVice President

Email: shannon.jovic@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-544-4166 ext. 115
Fax: 248-545-7688

Anthony Marin
Anthony MarinSenior Vice President

Email: anthony.marin@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-733-5339
Fax: 248-545-7688

Linda Nabers
Linda Nabers'field Zone Unit Director

Email: linda.nabers@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-206-4225 ext. 103
Fax: 248-545-7688

Sally Owen
Sally OwenDirector of Development

Email: sally.owen@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-544-4166 ext. 114
Fax: 248-545-7688

Mike Schlaack
Mike SchlaackJack & Patti Salter Unit Director

Email: mike.schlaack@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-544-4166 ext. 108
Fax: 248-545-7688

Brett Tillander
Brett TillanderCEO

Email: tillander.brett@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-544-4166 ext. 114
Fax: 248-545-7688

Taylor Williams
Taylor WilliamsDirector of Academic Success & Career Development

Email: fernedprogram@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-990-3978

Donny Wilson
Donny WilsonDirector of Digital Media

Email: donny.wilson@boysandgirlsclubs.us
Phone: 248-544-4166


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